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  • Published: 24 April 2018

It’s official! After some darn good years of gaming with the folks over here at Red Stag online casino, we decided to amp it up and bring a more personal approach to your everyday gaming experience. This is the very first (of many) official blog post of Red Stag, and we’re excited to welcome you with open arms and introduce you to our great team. You may have been playing with us for some time, since the beginning, and we “thank you” for your continued loyalty; now it’s time for you to continue your journey with us and most importantly, continue to grow with us as we provide you the best online gaming entertainment available today! Keep reading to meet The Ranch crew and what’s going on at Red Stag!

Introducing the Casino Experts

Over the life of the Red Stag online casino brand, we’ve had our three correspondents in action, although up until now, it’s been behind the scenes. Whether they be traveling across the globe like Chelsea Dobbie, our Special Events and World Traveler from Australia, or with us right here at the office, like John J. Peterson from Texas, our Games Expert, and Erin P. Westbrook from Mississippi, our Head of Company and Industry News, we’ve got all degrees covered when it comes to what’s exciting in the world of gaming. Three of our top performing employees with more energy than you can “shake a stick at” have now broadened their reach and will be joining us on a regular basis, here on the Red Stag blog. Are you ready to meet the crew?!

ChelseaFirst up to meet at our winning bar at The Ranch, is our globe trotter, Chelsea Dobbie. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Chelsea spends her working life with Red Stag, traveling the world to find and cover the latest and greatest casino events. A world slightly different than that of our mighty USA, in Australia, they value the same quality entertainment that you get from thrilling slot games, like our own. Fun fact: do you know what they call “slots” in the Land down Under? Pokies!

Chelsea has spent her entire life involved in the casino industry, in one way or another. Back in her hometown of Australia, her father made his living as a Poker player, giving her a first glance look at the wonderful world of casino! After studying travel and tourism throughout university, she found herself most comfortable in doing what she knows best; finding the best casino events, worldwide! We’re more than pleased to have her, and we hope you’ll love her as much as we do.john

Next up is someone you may be familiar with, someone who also resonates very wellwith our Western-style casino brand. Straight out of Houston, Texas, is our very own Games Expert, John J. Peterson. He has just started to make an appearance in our weekly emails, which is why you may be familiar with his name, although he has been on our team since the beginning, and we could say, he’s our original cowboy influence! It sure is heartwarming to have a Texan with us, considering how much time we spend catching the winning spirit at The Red Stag Ranch!


Last, but certainly not least, is our amazing Erin P. Westbrook, who very much keeps the show rolling at Red Stag as our Head of Company and Industry News. We like to refer to Erin as our “boss” when it comes to anything media-related, as she tends to always have the answer and knows exactly how to help, which is perhaps, why we value her so highly! Erin studied business management and media/publishing for many years in her home of Mississippi, when eventually, she decided to break away from her childhood city of Jackson, the capital.

 More reserved and less prone to a “wild” lifestyle her entire life, Erin wanted to try something different, something more adventurous. She was referred to Red Stag from a friend of hers who works for the casino, and when we met her and saw how well she could make a “vision” come to life, we just knew she had to be on our side, at The Ranch. Quite a few years later, Erin continues to flourish with us and keep on top of everything that goes on at the company, and in the industry. Erin, being the queen of every media, was the brains behind our newfound blog, so let’s give a big “thanks” to her! We all very much look forward to giving you, our players, a deeper connection with us here at Red Stag.

We very much look forward to continuing this winning journey with you, while we also bring you a bit closer to our company culture. We believe every company, no matter what the industry, should all represent themselves with a “face of the brand” and, well, we have three of them! We want to sincerely thank all of you for your time spent playing with us, and trust when we say, it’s only going to get better, with more fun to be had! Monthly new games, competitive bonuses, top notch customer service and the most convenient payment methods; what else can you ask for?! Don’t wait to join in on the action. Catch the winning spirit with us today and see where it takes you!


Juliet Black