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  • Published: 18 December 2018

Howdy y’all, John J. Peterson here with yet another Barnyard favorite as a part of our Not My First Rodeo series! I live in Houston, Texas, and am the Games Expert here at The Ranch, so you can look to me when you want a straight up, honest review of the games you love the most. Today we’re going to talk about one of my all time favorite slot games, Turkey Shoot! Ohh boy, I sure am rarin’ to go when this wild game comes to mind (not to mention, we’re also offering a deposit + free spins bonus today only - Check your email to find the offer!). Our Turkey Shoot slot ain’t just an ordinary 3-reel slot game, no sir, it’s filled with bonus features and cool cartoons that will take you on a trip down memory lane. Once you start playing this game, you’ll soon realize why Wild Turkeys are one of the most popular game birds in North America.

Give Thanks and Play to Win

I’ve done my scathare of gaming, this sure ain’t my first rodeo, either. I’ve played every slot game from here to the Mississippi and still manage to enjoy Turkey Shoot as if it were my first time playing. The game appears simple and straightforward at first but, as you continue to play, you begin to notice that this single-payline slot has tons of bonus features plus the classic cherry, BAR and 7 symbols. This game is easy enough to not feel complicated, yet also tests your sharp shooting skills. Not to mention, being able to win up to $75,000 if you get lucky ain’t too bad… It’ll have you giving thanks, for sure.


The game’s theme is warm and reminds us, especially us Americans, to give thanks and think about everything we’re grateful for. The Thanksgiving theme shows images of a turkey, a harvest, and some autumn leaves… a sight many of us know so well. The symbols, however, are not related to the overall theme and in turn, are the classic ones we also know and hold dear to our hearts. Spinning a winning line is quite possible with this special game. Combine that with polished animations and well designed symbols and I guarantee that you will feel as if you are sitting and playing in an actual casino. The ease of play with Turkey Shoot will make you feel so comfortable, you’ll swear you’ve been teleported to another casino universe where only you and the game exist

Deciding bet range has never been so easy. Coin values an be adjusted with just a single payline, from 0.1 up to $10. Doesn’t get more straightforward than that. You can also decide if you want to set your reels on Autoplay. This option is good for multitaskers as it saves you time but also requires you keep an eye out; there are no pre-set win and/or loss limits, it’ll be totally up to you to decide when to stop playing. Keep reading more about this Turkey Shoot slot review and see what special features are waiting… Or, go ahead, login and start playing this hit slot today!


The Special Features that Keep on Giving


The biggest chance you have to strike it big and shoot down a thankful win, is certainly with the game’s multipliers. In this giving slot game, the Turkey Shoot game logo lines up with the multipliers to reward you with a knee slappin’ amount of wins. As it normally goes, the higher the number, the better your winnings; 2x multiplier symbols means your payout doubles when matching on a line, where you can then add an additional 5x multiplier with the Turkey Shoot logo symbol! If you manage to combine the game logos you will be in for some major bills, as each multiplies the other, meaning 2x Turkey logos grant you a whopping 25x reward!

Now let’s get to moe of the good stuff. There’s one special feature that I love, the Wild Turkey Shoot Bonus Game, which is triggered by the bonus icon which appears on the reel, located on the right. This feature allows you to test your shooting skills and see if you can hit the turkey. If you manage to hunt the turkey down successfully, you can win up to 500 coins! Dang, I’d take that over a few beers at the range, anyday!

On that note, let me give ya a little bit of turkey trivia! Did you know that Male turkeys are called "toms" or “gobblers”, while female turkeys are called "hens”? Also, Benjamin Franklin once wrote that he believed that the wild turkey would have served as a better choice as the USA’s national bird, as opposed to the bald eagle, because it is a bird of courage that would not hesitate to attack when it felt its space was being invaded upon. Talk about a badass bird! Now, back to the game...

Although this slot machine appears to be designed for the fall, it’s actually playable all year round. Unlike hunting, there is no official season, gaming is a sport that is not governed by equinoxes, or the weather! Turkey Shoot stands out from the rest of the slot games to us here at Red Stag, as it reminds us of our Western roots, while having fun. It’s a game with an uncomplicated base of just one payline to score those symbols across, bringing to you potentially big wins... If you manage to land the multiplier symbols!

Red Stag offers the best hunting on the internet; poor turkeys won’t even know what hit them! We’re here so you can blow off some steam by rewarding yourself with a truly unique gaming environment. We want to honor and appreciate your hard work; we take fun seriously here! Playing a few rounds of your favorite slot games has never been easier and more comfortable. You can play from anywhere at any time, whether it be at home with a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks, or while out at a bar, with your mobile in hand (Have you checked out our mobile site?!). Massive jackpots, hot tables and awesome game designs are just a click away. The Ranch is all about bringing casino games right to your fingertips, so go ahead, check your email for today’s deposit + free spins bonus, then see if luck’s on your side today!

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John J. Peterson