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  • Published: 18 March 2018

Here at Red Stag Ranch, we believe in valuing our gamers and their time spent playing with us. Therefore, we’ve created some fantastic gaming opportunities for our VIPs. Now, we ain’t just sweet talkin’ you, we’re serious. Our Red Stag VIP Rewards  are so good, they’ll have you hollerin’ “yeehaw” while playing on the best online slots available. I’m Erin P. Westbrook from Mississippi, The Ranch’s Head of Company and Industry News, and I’m here to tell you all about our sweet deals. Today we’ll review our boozy bonus programs that include: The Chaser Bonus, Monday Mojitos, Martini Cashbacks, Bloody Mary, and Sex on the Beach (with a 150% increased automatic bonus, today only when you deposit)! Ready? Let’s go!

Introducing our Intoxicating Club Levels


We’re sure you’re already schooled on the wonderful effects of alcohol and have frequented a few honky-tonks, which is why our Club Levels will surely make sense to you Rodeo Riders. Just like booze has different degrees of POW, so do our levels. Compare them to a night out of drinkin’ and you’ll see what we mean. Let’s start with the one of the softest of drinks, beer. Drinking a nice brew is a good way to get a fixin’ to going out with your fellow cowboys or cowgirls. Beer usually has a relatively low alcohol content and is a wonderful starter to other more intense drinks. And guess what? It’s also our entry level to the VIP Club. Once you’ve conquered the Beer Club, you can move on to stronger, more powerful booze and bonuses!   


Hard liquor is for hard players. Next up on our list of levels is the Tequila Club, here is where you will really start to see some bonus goodies. But, if you’re a hardened straight shooter with an interest in bigger boozy opportunities, you’re going to have to step your game up and enter the wonderful world of rum! The Rum Club isn’t for the faint of heart, it grants you access to even higher bonuses due to its higher proof. Noticing a trend yet? Darn tootin’!



Next, we got some ethanol infused treats that’ll surely get you more bang for your buck. Afterall, liquor is quicker! The Vodka Club is the fourth highest Club Level and is reserved for those who believe in being above average. This level puts you in the upper half of our Club Level categories but, we suggest you don’t stop’s only up from here. Our final hard liquor level is for those who have a strong presence and aren’t afraid to show it. The Whiskey Club offers big bonuses and top level opportunities. These club members know what they want and they wear their experience on their sleeve.

Now, we’ve saved the best for last. Our highest and most prized position at The Ranch’s VIP Rewards Club belongs to gamers who have a taste for the finer things in life. Our Champagne Club is so granny-slappin’ good it almost puts the other alcohol-induced bonuses to bed… almost.


We ain’t done yet folks. We’re about to tell you all about what these levels get cha’...keep readin’ to learn about the Red Stag VIP Rewards, and what you can receive on a regular basis with us!

What’s your Proof?


The Boozy Bonuses & Benefits


Now that you know what the Club Levels mean and understand their ascending order, we can move on to the good stuff… the benefits! These bonuses are so good, they’ll have you wanting to share them with your kin!

It’s time to mix things up with some special drinks. Let’s start with our two irregular bonuses. These firey promos don’t occur every week, so if you see ‘em, you should jump on the opportunity to collect some cash! First up is our Chaser Bonus. This impressive perk gives you extras, no matter how much you play! It provides you Rodeo Stars with anything from 25% up to $250 per day, all the way up to 50% up to $1000 per day. As in all of the offers, benefits vary depending on your Club Level. You know how it is, the higher the level the bigger the payout!


Sorry Beer Levelers, but the next promotion gives perks to those at a higher club level. From Tequila to Champagne, the Mojito Monday reward gives our players anywhere from a $20 FREE bonus, up to a $75 FREE bonus! Gosh, now that’s some cash. This bonus is credited every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, given you’ve made a deposit between the previous Monday to Sunday to qualify (the minimum deposit amount depends on your Club Level).


We’ll continually give you some sugar with even more of the following weekly Red Stag VIP Rewards. Celebrate your hump day with our Wednesday Martini Bonus! This perk, based on the iconic Martini, is set apart for the Rum to Champagne Club-ers. Starting at 10%, this gin and vermouth concoction gives you VIPers up to 25% back. This is only for the Rum Cklub and upwards, so you’ll have to prove your play to get to this status.


Wednesdays are dry, while Thursdays are spicy. The Rach’s Thursday Bloody Mary Promo will make you want to go square dancin’! The perks of this bonus include ALL VIP Club Members and begins at 85% on all deposits up to $85, to 85% on all deposits up to $850! If that’s not a jolly good deal, we don’t know what is.


Our final and most sexy bonus is reserved for the weekend, when y’all ain’t got a care in the world. Red Stag’s Saturday Sex on the Beach perk is just as good as it sounds. All VIP players can reap the benefits of this sultry plug. In the Beer Club? Great, you get 100% on all deposits up to $100! The winning opportunities just keep getting better, the higher your Club Level, the more chances to make money on higher deposits. Saturday’s Sex on the Beach goes all the way to 100% on all deposits up to $750...ya’ hear that Champagne Club-ers?


Saving the very best part for last, I’ll give you a swift reminder that today, being Saturday, we have a special Saturday Sex on the Beach bonus; instead of 100%, you’ll receive 150% on ALL deposits made today! Take advantage of this time to go ahead and play some of your favorite slots, with some extra cash, to boot.


… Don’t forget to catch the winning spirit!

Collect VIP Rewards!

Erin P. Westbrook.