Time to Saddle Up, Macau Style
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  • Published: 18 December 2018

This weekend has been very special for us Aussies. Chelsea Dobbie the Special Reports & World Traveller here reporting from Down Under. Us australians are still in party mode because last Saturday was the Queen’s birthday. This matriarchal powerhouse has reigned since 1952 and shows no signs of slowing down. Read on to get some history about the lovely Queen Elizabeth II, as well as some information about our exciting Red Stag promos.

How Well Do You KNow the Queen?


In New Zealand and Australia we celebrate the Queen’s birthday on the first Monday in June. This is a tradition we have been following for years and it serves as the opening of our snow season. All of Oceania, except for Western Australia, welcomes the snow while honouring our Lady.

Us Aussies find that Queen Elizabeth’s story is one of inspiration and hope. As a child she was known for her curiosity, well mannered air, and her maturity. She learned languages, history, and manners all throughout her adolescent years, this ensured that the tiny princess’ future be bright and fruitful. She was such an impressive child that even Winston Churchill praised her when he described two year old Elizabeth as “a character. She has an air of authority and reflectiveness astonishing in an infant.” cat


The world hadn’t known it yet but it was about to be in for a bloody surprise. No one expected Elizabeth to be Queen, not only was she third in line in the succession, after her uncle and father, but she was a girl, meaning that if her parents were to have a son, he would automatically supersede her in the succession. The whole world shouted Crikey!’ when her uncle Edward, Prince of Wales abdicated his titles, leaving Elizabeth as the next person in line after her father. There was heaps of drama combined with heaps of excitement over a Sheila regning.

Luckily, our Queen has managed to do an amazing job at being our monarch and we’d like to celebrate her by running one of our special Red Stag special bonus offers (but, we’re sure you’re not surprised!). Today, Aussies will receive a higher bonus than non-AU players. Have at it, fellow brothers and sisters, it’s time to honour Straya and the Queen with some Ranch-worthy bonuses. Check your email

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Giddy Up to the Bonuses!

Last Licks on our Tournament & Raffle


Now that I got y’all in the party mood, it’s time to talk about more ways to enjoy everything the Ranch has to offer. While you’re celebrating the Queen you can also celebrate our Bangin’ B-Ball Bonuses Tournament, which ends in a week! You have until June 17th to play on Hot Roller and get in on this Basketball Action. Who wouldn't want to win a share of $3750?! Not to mention, your chances of winning are bloody awesome, considering the prize is awarded to the Top 75 players! What do you have to lose? Entry is only $1.99 and Re-buys are only $2.99!

But wait! There’s more…

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Chelsea Dobbie