Time to Saddle Up, Macau Style
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  • Published: 18 December 2018

Another day, another article by yours truly. It’s me, Chelsea Dobbie, Special Reports & World Traveller, and I’m back with more exciting and tantalizing topics. This week we’re going to discuss the history of Geishas and why it is we consider them kickass, here at The Ranch. We are also going to review our Macau Cowboy Raffle in order to ensure you’re not missing out on an incredible opportunity!  So, what do you say you sit back, grab an amber fluid, and get this show on the road?!

It’s All About Kickass Geishas


This topic hits close to home, considering the impact the female voice is having on the world. Between movements, and rallies, pink hats, and hashtags, it seems impossible to avoid the booming sound of powerful women. This is why, in the wake of all the controversy, we have decided to honour our female Rodeo Riders by discussing the Geisha, a figure that is known to represent beauty, mystery, power, and intrigue.


The Geisha is a traditional Japanese entertainer whose job most closely resembles that of a modern day ‘hostess’. These raven-haired beauties are also what some might refer to as a ‘jack of all trades’. Geishas are more than just a pretty face, what makes them kickass is their broad knowledge and wide skill set. A geisha can serve as a conversational companion as well as perform various arts. These women are so badass, I tend to think of them as spies dressed in colourful silk, not because they are deceptive but because they are effortlessly cool and can take control of a room in seconds; they are tall poppies, indeed. Some might argue this skill is not entirely taught, rather it falls under the category of ‘superpower’. Geishas can do anything from play classical Japanese music to perform traditional dances. These powdery-faced artists also partake in witty game play and conversation, they see entertainment as an artform and take it very seriously.


Traditionally, the geisha’s job was to entertain male customers but, as I said before...times are changing. These skilled ladies have an entirely woman-centered society and have proven to be so inspirational, that they have even managed to influence people from all over the world. There are now, non-japanese geishas.

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Last week of the Macau Cowboy Raffle


Speaking of Asia and spunks, I’d like to remind you about a beautiful opportunity we have for you at Red Stag. Our spiffy Macau Cowboy Raffle will be running for another week. This raffle has been going on for some time now and officially ends on June 13th (winners announced June 14th). We suggest you start, if you haven't already, collecting as many raffle tickets as possible to increase the likelihood of your name being drawn.

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Sayōnara, until next time!

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