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  • Published: 18 December 2018

Howdy y’all, welcome to another epic session of Not My First Rodeo Game Review. John J. Peterson here with yet another Barnyard favorite, Jacks or Better. As The Ranch’s Games Expert, I like to give you the lowdown on one of my all time favorite poker games, not to mention we also have a an incentive to help you get rowdy! Although, we’re sure you don’t need it. Ready? For the next two days, you will be able to partake in our fantastic “Freeroll at the O.K Corral” Tournament! Enjoy this tournament during the week, from April 12th - 16th, as you get a fixin’ to play your heart away! Normally wagers on this game only count partially, but today they count towards 100% towards wagering requirements! Now, that’s an attractive offer, if I do say so myself...Better opportunities, for bigger rewards, who doesn’t want that?  

Good Ol’ Fashioned Gaming, a New Way!

catWe can get pretty nostalgic around here when we think of the old days when you would have to walk into a casino if you wanted a real gamble at life. That is until we realize that these new times offer way more than before. We are now livin’ in the good days, they might not be old, but they’re new and exciting. Poker is a game of the mind, and if you got the smarts to outplay a computer then we’d say you really are a Rodeo King or Queen.


At The Ranch, we don’t believe in average, we believe in sailing with the times and elevating games in order to make a good thing better, that’s where our Jacks or Better online video poker comes into play. Apart from allowing you to play poker, anytime, anywhere, anyplace, Jacks or Better also allows you how to adjust the gaming speed to suit your preference.

Play multi-hands as you set the range of coins you’d like to play with, and keep track of your moolah by viewing the bottom of your screen. Wins will be shown at the bottom as well, but the Bet Max button is located to your right, directly across from your choice of hands including; Jacks or Better, Two Pair, 3 of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, 4 of a Kind, Straight Flush, and, of course, Royal Flush. This game is perfect for veterans, as it allows you to play hands of up to 100! You also have the option to hide the game advisor and go at it solo, as well as opt for the large cards view or the hide double. Gaming has never been this easy and rewarding! Just make your bet, click the Deal button and get ready to see your screen light up! Those of you lookin’ to hit big, are going to have to make the maximum bet before winning that 4000x Royal Flush. If you’re more of a steady player you can always double your wins by choosing a card higher than the dealer!

Put on your Poker Face!

Don’t Settle, Always go for Jacks or Better


This ‘traditional’ poker game has the allure of classic poker, with the ease of online gaming. The rules of the game haven’t changed, they’ve just been upgraded. The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards with no joker, wagers can be made using anything from 1 to 5 coins, and denomination range depends on the number of boxes. But, we’re sure you knew this already… just givin’ you the Rodeo Review. Our version of Jacks or Better  online video poker gives you something no ‘regular’ casino house ever would… the one time chance at exchanging cards for free!

Now, here at The Ranch, we don’t like to toot our own horn or anything like that, but we gotta’ admit, this here game is something special; I should know, poker originated in my country, not to mention, I’m quite the player, myself. In fact, did you know that poker was born in my neighboring state of Louisiana? Yeap, that’s right. Poker is a staple down in the South and rightfully so, is there another game you can think of that marries math so beautifully with gaming? I can’t. Also, don’t forget, poker is the most lucrative sport in the world! Everyone likes to talk about them fancy football players and NBA All Stars but, most people are unaware of the fact that that the top five biggest prizes awarded in super high roller tournaments adds up to a whopping $44,202,738. Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it! 


Another perk of playing this fantastic online poker game is that it offers variety, which we all know is the spice of life! If you choose to play with one hand, the traditional gaming rules apply but if you decide to play with several hands, differences will begin to emerge. If you’re feeling lucky, you can always wager higher and take advantage of the corn-fed payouts reserved for those with the highest ranking hands!

Now that you’re all up to date with Jacks or Better, it’s important I remind you, yet again about our fantastic Freeroll! Starting from today until April 18th you’ll be able to join us for the "Freeroll at the O.K Corral” Tournament! We’ll be giving away $1500 to the Top 50 Players! But wait, it gets better...there’s FREE Entry and Re-Buys are only $2.99; don’t be a fool, make sure to git r’ done

You know how this goes; you’re not the typical big hat, no cattle type of player. Login (or sign up) and start the games today! You can always play with us on mobile, too. Speaking of, have you checked out our mobile site?! Massive bonuses, fun gaming and awesome game are just a click away. The Ranch is all about bringing casino games right to your fingertips, so go ahead, check your email for today’s bonus and Freeroll Tournament and see if luck is on your side!

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John J. Peterson