Time to Saddle Up, Macau Style
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  • Published: 12 December 2018

Hello Cowboys and Cowgirls, it’s your favorite Special Reports & World Traveller, Chelsea Dobbie,  comin’ at cha from Down Under. This week’s post is special, considering we’re heading out into the big world and going Oriental. First, we will discuss the history of Macau along with some facts and trust me, this Chinese territory is quite interesting. Then, we will get into the good stuff and talk about gambling in Macau, which is such a prevalent activity in the region that it even has its own Wikipedia page! We’re not kidding, there is a Wikipedia page entitled Gambling in Macau... cool, right? Anyway, let’s get to it.

Get to know Asia’s Las Vegas


Despite Macau being the back of bourke away, I happen to know a thing or two about this ace of a place. See, Macau has an intriguing history because until ‘recently’ it was, in fact, a Portuguese colony. This territory was the last remaining European colony in Asia, all the way from the mid-16th century up until 1999.

 Macau is also curious because it has a famous “one country, two systems” policy where the Chinese government and Macau agree to share and split responsibilities. The Chinese government is responsible for military defense and foreign affairs while Macau maintains its own laws, public security, money, as well as customs and immigration policies. I don’t blame Macau for wanting to keep the government’s hands off of their moolah, this territory might be tiny in comparison to China but, it is mighty… Let’s just say, they know about bizzo. The Macanese have managed to create an empire out of their little sliver of land, so much so that it has now grown into an internationally known resort city. Casinos and luxury hotels are all the rage in this area of South China, not to mention the gambling in Macau is so good, the city is often referred to as Asia’s Vegas! Gaming is a way of life in Macau, which could explain why their life expectancy is so high! It’s the fourth highest, to be exact; turns out, gaming does keep you young.

Now that we got you in the Macau mood we suggest you keep the ball rollin’ because sharpshooters and samurais aren’t all that different! Legendary gunslingers from the Wild West have the same three essential skills samurais do; quick draw, incredible precision, and a cool, calm, and collected style. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time you Rodeo Westerners take to the East! How about testing your Oriental persona with some Asian themed slot games? Here at The Ranch we offer Dynasty, which will surely bring out the ‘samurai’ in you, or you can play Cherry Blossoms, a surefire way to get your inner geisha out!

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Giddy Up! Time to Become a “Macau Cowboy”


Just in time… This may be your lucky year! We’ve got an exciting Raffle contest coming up, where our 1st place winner, a special lucky cowboy or cowgirl, will win a round trip + a 4 night luxury vacation in Asia’s gaming paradise, the one and only, Macau. Ah, what a bonzer of an opportunity! I can picture it already, drink in hand, gambling in Macau, living my best life.

*sighs in Australian*  

Second to fifth place winners will also be rapt, they get the moolah! The remaining four winners will get $500 each… That’s enough for a couple good rips! 

How can you get in on the action? From May 15th - June 13th, collect Raffle tickets in hopes of winning our Cowboy in Macau Raffle! For every $25 wagered, 10 Raffle tickets are awarded; for every $25 in deposits, 50 tickets are granted. Lastly, for those of you into BTC, every deposit gets you an extra 25 tickets! Winners are announced June 14th, so let’s get spinning!

Good luck to you all and make sure to check your email or Casino account for today’s bonus! Hope you enjoyed this international blog post, this Aussie is signing out… Until next time!

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Chelsea Dobbie