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  • Published: 18 March 2018

Just when you thought playing couldn't get any better, it does! I’m John J. Peterson, Red Stag’s resident games expert, and I’d like to brief you on the hot slot personalities that you’re familiar with down here at The Ranch, Fat Cat and Cash Cow! I know this ain’t your first rodeo, that's exactly why we’re reviewing two of our hit slot games. It’s time to refresh your knowledge before you put it all to the test. Fun loving games are meant for fun loving people and I’m here to show you just how true that is. Get to know the amazing characters behind two of our favorite online slot games. The Fat Cat felines are not only cool, they offer incredible bonuses and Cash Cow is not only smart, he offers a heck of a lot of cash. Keep reading and ignite your passion for Ranch-worthy slots!

That Fat Cat Knows Cash


The Fat Cats know that money is serious business, that’s why WGS Technology has created a game suitable for those who love it as much as they do. The game is simple and focuses on what’s important… Money. This slot game has a classic game metric with 5 reels, where you  will find 3 symbols on each reel, and 20 paylines available, in total. Fat Cat has classic and familiar rules that seasoned rodeo stars like yourself are used to down at The Ranch. In order to trigger your cash rewards you must score winning combinations, as with all slot games; the trick is, you need to have the winning spirit on your side, which you always have with us.


Make your winning combinations on the reels by matching symbols onto activated playlines. The symbols change according to the size of your wager; make use of the command bar below the reels! It’s the only way to adjust your settings and the number of playlines you want to place. Hit that spin button and see what wild ride Fat Cat will take you on. You did your job, the rest is up to luck.


If you’re feeling extra lucky try out the bet max button in order to go all in and win all the lolly! This kind of crazy move will have you over the moon and feelin’ like a tall poppy. Or, if you’re pressed for time and just lookin’ to see what will come your way, you can always try out the Autospin feature. This way you can sit back, have a tinnie and bet on several spins in a row. There are so many ways of gaming here at Red Stag Ranch it’s impossible to get bored!

Want to know more? Well, Fat Cat’s paytable contains 10 basic symbols in total, which are divided into two sections. The first group is made up of your usual card symbols, you know, starting with 9 and going up to the Ace. The first symbols are the most frequent and you know how it goes, the more common the symbol, the less valuable.

Now, if you want to win big I suggest you go for the money bag, riches, butler and kitty cat symbols. Winnings can go up to 2,000 times your wager with a 5-kitty cat combination on an activated payline! These icons aren’t easy to get but they sure do offer a lot of moolah. 

The final two symbols featured in Fat Cat  are so special, they deserve their own category. If you see a dollar sign, start planning your next trip because this mighty symbol pays regardless of its position on the screen. A bonus feature starts once you get 3 or more of these signs on the reels. This bonus allows you to pick among the 8 dollar signs that will appear on the screen, for wins up to 1,000 times your bet for each pick! Cooee, now that’s called makin’ money.

If you’re an extra lucky rodeo star, chances are you’ll get the best symbol of them all, the Fat Cat himself. This is the wild card of the game. You can use Fat Cat to replace any other symbol except the scatter and score more wins, or line up several of them to win a prize up to 5,000 times your wager. Yeap, you read that correctly, 5,000 times your wager! How does that sound? Pretty darn good!


Milk Your Cash Cow


Here at the Red Stag Ranch, the opportunities for great gameplay are endless. We don’t ever want you to settle, which is why I’d like to tell you about another exciting online pokie of ours. It’s time all other games to mooooove over because Cash Cow is ready to rustle up some massive wins. Afterall, Cash Cow knows that cash is king!


This animal-themed slot game is perfect for you rodeo riders to get your hands on some high-paying creatures. This out of the ordinary gaming experience offers you something special; the main reel is hidden within the massive barn. Get to know the farmer, his daughter, and her boyfriend, who just so happens to sporadically appear with the classic card symbols. This 5x3 online slot game has the familiarity of a classic slot game, with the appeal of a farmyard adventure. Its 50 paylines allow for plenty of chances to win, especially if you snag some special bonus symbols.


So, this is the bizzo; the two scatter symbols are the harvest moon and the cash cow. Apart from these two symbols you will also find wild symbols which include: the pigs in blankets and the spooky scarecrow, who stands guard over his fortune. Bloody great right? Wait, it gets better. The farm not only has those creatures, but more! Other symbols include the kooky chicken and the pick’em milk jug. These mega bonus symbols provide you with incredible opportunities to win that cash.

The Cash Cow slot game offers free spins and more with the Kooky Chicken bonus feature. Land the chicken on the 3rd reel and you’re golden with a 600 coin win. The farmer tends to get generous from time to time and chances are, you’ll get 10 free spins thrown your way; use these as you watch your screen fill with added bonuses and a 2x multiplier.

Once you reign the kooky chickens in, you can move on to the next mini game feature, which is where the real moolah begins to turn up. Spin the wheel and the farm will automatically give you the opportunity to win 12,500 coins, all you gotta’ do is secure 4 Cash Cow spins and you’ll be the lucky winner of the jackpot! If you fall short, you still get a chance to secure at least some of the Cash Cow’s moo-lah. The final feature and possibly the most important is the Pick’em side game. This game allows you to spin up to 3 milk bonus symbols on the 1st, 3rd, or 5th reels. As your rodeo powers come into play and you grab 4 jugs of milk, each will contain a crazy cash payout.   

What’s not to love about this ace game? Cash Cow is filled with chances to fill your barn up with big bonuses; milk the farm for all it’s worth!

Stay tuned for more Ranch-worthy slot game reviews from your favorite Wild West casino, Red Stag!