Time to Saddle Up, Macau Style
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  • Published: 16 November 2018

This week we are covering an ace topic with me, Chelsea Dobbie your favourite Special Reports and World Traveler from Down Under. Get ready because we’re going abroad! This is the first of what will be a series of special promotions entitled “Around the World in 20 Games”, where we will feature multiple casino games that fit into different cultural themes and geographical locations. Every game theme will be in line with the featured country and this week, we’re going to Egypt!

Take a Trip to Ancient Egypt

Now, I’ve been bloody everywhere, but I got to admit that Egypt is a beaut. The Middle East gets a bad rep but let me tell you, Egypt is unlike any country I have ever been. I can only speak of what Egypt is like now, but if it’s great during modern times, imagine what it was like during its imperial reign?

Ancient Egypt served as a major source of inspiration for many of the things we still use and consume today. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians invented eye makeup as well as the written language? You can also thank the Ancient Egyptians for your dental hygiene and for being able to tell time, because they invented both toothpaste and clocks.

Although ancient cultures seem far removed from those of us currently living in modern day society, it is important to remember that we have a lot more in common that we might think. Like you and all of our other Red Stag Ranchers, the ancient Egyptians loved gaming. According to History.com, ancient Egyptians would unwind by playing board games and just like the online casino games we offer here at The Ranch, the most popular game, Mehen, was one of chance!

With that being said, it’s time to get to the good stuff. Now that you’ve travelled back in time with me for a bit, I can see you off and welcome my favorite cowboy, John. J. Peterson, our Games Expert. He will let you guys in on heaps of information regarding the rip snorter promotions we have in store for you, plus their corresponding online casino Jackpots!

Feelin’ Lucky? Play Now!

Jackpots Fit for a Pharaoh

Hey, y’all! John J. Petersocatn here! I’m about to go over some information that’ll have y’all raising cane. As Chelsea mentioned in earlier, worldly-themed games will come with special casino bonus offers, the perfect enriching getaway. Since we’re travelling to Egypt this week, it is only fitting that the featured games be Ramesses Riches,Cleopatra’s Pyramid, and Last King of Egypt!

Although all these games are different, they do have many similarities. For starters, they're all 5 reel slot games with wager flexibility. They also offer some serious opportunities at winning major cash. So, start getting those fingers warmed up and ready to go because you’re about to do a lot of wagering, especially after you see what online casino Jackpots we have in store for you!

Ramesses Riches has your standard rules with 9, 10, J, Q, K and A serving the lower value symbols, whereas the higher symbols are depicted by themed icons such as the Eye of Horus, a sacred scroll, Bastet and Cleopatra. The most important and Wild symbol is represented by Ramesses and the Scatter is an ankh, an ancient egyptian cross with a handle. Keep in mind that when Ramessess appears, his winning combo gets multiplied by two. The bonus feature offers free spins, but only gets triggered when you land three of more ankh symbols. This game also features indefinite spins, if you’re lucky enough to land the correct combo, not to mention it’s Jackpot is a whopping $150,000!cat

But wait, there are more opportunities to win, including the $200,000 Jackpot on Cleopatra’s Pyramid! This game is pretty straight forward and also, loads of fun. Obviously, Cleopatra is the Wild, she overrules any and all other regular symbols plus doubles payouts. The Scatter symbol is represented by Scarab, and in order to trigger 15 Free Spins, players must land at least three of these, on the reels simultaneously. This feature allows you to triple your winnings! During gameplay, the prize increases as you climb up the pyramid. Keep an eye out for a snake, this slithery serpent means your Bonus game has come to an end!

And finally, we saved the biggest Jackpot for last on The Last King of Egypt. Play this game and get the opportunity to win the $270,000 Jackpot on The Last King of Egypt. This game features The Last King of Egypt Wild symbol, where winning combinations with these icons unlock a x3 Multiplier. In addition is the King’s Monument Scatter Symbols, which feature various icons depicting ancient Egyptians monuments. Two or more Monument Scatters feature a payout, whereas three or more activitate a Free Game feature! The Free Game feature includes 10 Free Spins, triple payouts, and an opportunity to retrigger your free spins!

Don’t forget to refer back to your email, where your Egyptian bonuses await you! You have until September 9th, so use your time wisely! Make your deposit today and enter the Coupon code in order to claim… One of these jackpots may be yours!

Go for Gold, Go for the Jackpot!

Chelsea Dobbie.